Butterfly Tattoo For Women 2013

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Tattoos 9 Butterfly Tattoo For Women 2013

Tattooing is a body art that has roots in ancient times. Many centuries ago people usedtattoos to symbolize various things. They were also used in religious, cultural, musical, even occult practices. However, as time passed, the meaning and value of tattooing altered. Nowadays still, tattoos are made and appreciated all over the world.A real tattoo is hard to get as it is a painful process: skin is branded and then filled with color. Such are permanent tattoos. There are temporary tattoos as well which are applied through a sticker or are drawn.

 Tattoos 7 Butterfly Tattoo For Women 2013

Tattoo continues to be in vogue and is specially used in the world of music. Since they look dashing and convey a sense of rebelliousness, tattoos are very popular among young teens. There is a whole variety of them as there are small tattoos that can be made either on an arm, neck, behind the ear or even on an ankle. Besides, there are huge tattoos that may even cover the entire back. Such is this butterfly tattoo that has been made all over the back. Boys and girls are equally fond of getting themselves tattooed. Beginning from the shoulder this butterfly tattoo goes right up to the waistline. The image is very feminine since there is a large butterfly.

Tattoos 8 Butterfly Tattoo For Women 2013

It has been very tactfully sketched as the impression is also floral. The delicate lines appear quite charming and feel as if they are dancing. The petite print is self-woven and beautifully done. The interplay of black and blue has been brilliantly carried out. The tiny flowers, dainty lines and the intricate butterfly, all look magnificent. The kind of imprint or tattoo is left to the choice of the wearer as there is a whole range of variations available, each preserving its uniqueness. This butterfly tattoo, nonetheless, looks furiously exotic. Such a mind-blowing tattoo would definitely catch everyone’s attention.


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